Halloween and Santa Claus

The real Santa shares the time we went for a fly on Holloween in the Sliegh with the Elves and saw Marvin on the Moon with his Family.https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/the-santa-stories/id422132146?mt=11 Let these short Christmas stories, with the simplicity and purity of freshly fallen snow, transport you to a place of magic and joy. Think of the sweetness of cinnamon and candy canes, bright sparkly colours and the excitement of knowing Santa is on his way. These stories will awaken the joy and excitement of Christmas in every generation. Watch your children’s eyes light up and feel the warmth of Christmas spirit in your heart as you tell them captivating stories in Santa’s own words. You will treasure these 25 modern classic tales forever. Make every advent evening a special time of joy and togetherness with a wonderful Christmas bedtime story!


Christmas Songs for Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Songs for Christmas Eve 2013 Top 20 Music A Christmas Music E-Card to email and share with your friends. It’s the count down to Christmas Songs to sing around the Christmas Tree. Christmas Songs Christmas Music Video Christmas Classic Songs for your Christmas ¬†2012 party, Have a Merry Christmas and please listen to this new Christmas Musichttp://itunes.apple.com/us/album/its-…¬†Christmas Music Video from Tokyo Rose featuring It’s Christmas, Santa Claus and Dance with Santa Best Christmas Songs all available from Itunes
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Lyrics to It’s Christmas
Verse 1.

When you look to the sky and you see a sleigh fly.

You wish your friends a happy Yuletide.

and when you hear the sound of sleigh bells ring.

Listen to the Children shout and sing.


It’s Christmas, Christmas Eve, when the Kids

can’t sleep with ease.

Cos tomorrow it’s Christmas Eve, Giddy Up Rudolph

pull that Sleigh.

Verse 2.

And when you wish for a toy of a little love.

It could happen this time of Year.

It’s a magical time when you hear that sleigh.

Strange things have happen on this day.


It’s Christmas, Christmas Eve, It’s a sure bet.

you will hear, has he been yet.

Then you reply, Santa only comes when you close your eyes.

Santa only comes when you close your eyes.

Middle Eight.

It’s ten ‘o’ clock, it’s starting to snow.

You look at the clock there’s two hours to go.

Then over the sound of your television set.

You hear a small voice shouting.

Has he been yet.

Chorus. And Out


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