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Complete Transcript of the 1964 LP

Santa Promo Spot 1
Santa Promo Spot 2
S. Claus Files an Unusual Flight Plan
Early Warning Radars Acquire Track
NORAD Pilots Confirm Santa Vehicle

The Official NORAD Tracks Santasite starts “tracking” on December 6
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NORAD Tracks Santa - 1964 33-1/3 LP
Santa News Reports & Holiday Music Selections
Presented as a public service by the North American Air Defense Command

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The 1964 Long Playing Record Experience

The “NORAD Tracks Santa” tradition goes back to the late 1950s when a young boy accidentally dialed the unlisted number of the Director of Combat Operations at NORADNORAD Tracks Santa - Concept Album 1964Headquarters in Colorado Springs. The boy was actually trying to phone a department store Santa Claus whose extension was only one digit removed from the phone at the NORAD center.

The Combat Operations Center Director was quick to realize that a mistake had been made, and carried on a long conversation with the boy assuring him that the forces of NORAD would indeed guarantee Santa a safe trip from the North Pole.

A novel idea and tradition was thus born, and you have the results of it inside this jacket…a series of spots citing the progress of Santa as he makes his annual journey down through the space tracking and radar facilities of the North American Air Defense Command.

To follow his unusual flight plan we must call upon all the of the resources at NORAD’s disposal…the Canadian Forces Air Defense Command, the U.S. Army Air Defense Command, and the U.S. Air Force’s Aerospace Defense Command. Two nations and three services working together for mutual protection.

Five “Santa Tracks” are found on side one…followed by two promo spots that you can use to advertise your station’s unique Christmas Eve service.

One other bonus rounds out side one of this production. It is the Charles Tazewell Christmas classic, “The Littlest Angel,” written and arranged by Major Franklin Lockwood, former Director of the NORAD Band. The song poem has received wide acclaim when performed in concert, and is included here to add a special touch to your holiday programming.

Side two features the NORAD Commanders, one of the finest big bands in the world playing their original variations of traditional Christmas themes.

The Canadian and American men and women of NORAD are pleased to bring you this Christmas production and hope it will earn a permanent place in your library…

(Note: Use Santa news reports, cuts 1-5, Dec. 24 only)
1. S. Claus files an Unusual Flight Plan [RealMedia]
2. Early Warning Radars Acquire Track [RealMedia]
3. NORAD Pilots confirm Santa Vehicle [RealMedia]
4. U.S. and Canadian Aircraft Fly Escort
5. Summary: Santa Claus is on His Way!
6. Santa Promotional Spot (use prior to Dec. 24) [RealMedia]
7. Santa Promotional Spot (use prior to Dec. 24) [RealMedia]
8. “The Littlest Angel” narrative
SIDE TWO  – The NORAD ‘Commanders’ Band
1. Here Comes Santa CLAUS
2. Winter Wonderland
3. Here Comes a Wassailing
4. Carol of the Bells
5. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
6. Sleigh Ride
7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Produced by the Directorate of Public Affairs

Century Records
Copyright 1964

Cover: Bob Haynes, Colorado Springs
Music Coordinators: Chief Musician Jim Miller, USN; TSgt., USAF
Music Engineer: Saren Bredsdorff, Fred Arthur Studio, Denver
Producer: Captain William P. Campbell III, Chief, NORAD Radio TV Branch

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