Rudolph and Frosty Help the Elf Elf Kara receives help from Rudolph (the red-nosed reindeer) and Frosty (the snowman) transforming tears and fears into smiles for photos with Kitty and Santa at the Bass Pro Shop in Tallahassee, Florida.

New Christmas Classic Stories and Music by Santa

New Christmas Classic Stories and Music by Santa

Top 10 Christmas Story for Kids and Christmas Stories online for Children this Chrismas 2013 listen to this Christmas-story with your kids our young children they will love this story about Santa and his Christmas tree, Santa Stories, Christina the Christmas Tree told by the Real Santa Claus for our children at Christmas. This story carries a wonderful message you do not have to be beautiful to sparkle. “This little Light of mine, I’m gonna let It shine” is the song we sing to empower the child in each of us. “Your presence is our present” acknowledges the value of each one who visits us. “Kindness is where the magic lives….” encourages all to practice random acts of kindness. Generosity of spirit is the true meaning of Christmas, be the virus!

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Christmas Songs for Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Songs for Christmas Eve 2013 Top 20 Music A Christmas Music E-Card to email and share with your friends. It’s the count down to Christmas Songs to sing around the Christmas Tree. Christmas Songs Christmas Music Video Christmas Classic Songs for your Christmas  2012 party, Have a Merry Christmas and please listen to this new Christmas Music… Christmas Music Video from Tokyo Rose featuring It’s Christmas, Santa Claus and Dance with Santa Best Christmas Songs all available from Itunes
If you watch the full video. you will see Christmas Trees, Christmas Decorations. Christmas Toys. Christmas Presents. Christmas Santa’s, Christmas Carols, Christmas lights, Christmas wallpaper, Christmas wishes, Christmas pictures
Lyrics to It’s Christmas
Verse 1.

When you look to the sky and you see a sleigh fly.

You wish your friends a happy Yuletide.

and when you hear the sound of sleigh bells ring.

Listen to the Children shout and sing.


It’s Christmas, Christmas Eve, when the Kids

can’t sleep with ease.

Cos tomorrow it’s Christmas Eve, Giddy Up Rudolph

pull that Sleigh.

Verse 2.

And when you wish for a toy of a little love.

It could happen this time of Year.

It’s a magical time when you hear that sleigh.

Strange things have happen on this day.


It’s Christmas, Christmas Eve, It’s a sure bet.

you will hear, has he been yet.

Then you reply, Santa only comes when you close your eyes.

Santa only comes when you close your eyes.

Middle Eight.

It’s ten ‘o’ clock, it’s starting to snow.

You look at the clock there’s two hours to go.

Then over the sound of your television set.

You hear a small voice shouting.

Has he been yet.

Chorus. And Out


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