Bass Pro Shop Gives Back to Community

Bass Pro Shop Gives Back to Community  The Florida Autism Center reached out to Bass Pro Shops Tallahassee, Fl. to bring Kitty and Santa Claus to share the Christmas Joy for their special needs students. Accompanyed by the Bass Pro Shop Elves it becomes a magical moment for the community.  Elf Jamie Lee “Most of the people I’m close to know that I’m an Elf for Bass Pro Shops, Santa’s Winter Wonderland. Today, I was lucky enough to join Santa and Kitty at the Florida Autism Center. It was such an amazing experience being able to bring joy to the ten or eleven children we visited. I also heard some of the children there have never seen or taken a photo with Santa. There was a familiar face at the center who visited us at the store. He said that he remembered me. Which melted my heart. (He said he liked me, haha.) But after leaving there, I never realized how lucky I actually am. Some of the children couldn’t speak or control their actions. Most the time I take all of those normal functions for granted. I take a lot of things for granted. But I’m definitely thankful for everything. Especially the people in my life. Being able to spend the holidays with my family, friends, boyfriend and his family is the best gift of all. I love them all dearly, too. I’m also grateful that I had the chance to spend the past two months with Santa and Kitty as well. They both have such warm and loving heart. Once Christmas is over, I’ll be sad when they return home. But earlier this morning was such a treat and I’m sooo very happy I had the opportunity to make those kids happy. Such a fantastic way to start off the day.” Kitty and Santa know inside every s(elf) is an Elf…your presence is our present.

Florida Autism Center commented on FaceBook , ” Santa just visited FAC Tally and it was the most beautiful and special thing. Ever. Some of our kids had never had the opportunity to see Santa before. Watch for photos, and maybe a video or two in the coming days. We can’t thank Bass Pro Shops – Tallahassee, FL enough for this amazing experience for our kids. We also can’t thank our own Miss Erin enough, who set this up for our kids.

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