27 Day Until Christmas

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Christmas is about Faith.

Faith with my Nativity and angels. This was beyond appropriate, not just because her name is Faith, but she was to mark an anniversary that marked the end of dealing with some health issues that would truly try anyone’s faith.

As well, this is the first Christmas that I do not have the child and family presence as I normally would, so I’ve been cutting out a lot of the Santa and commercial aspects of Christmas and focusing more on the actual purpose to this holiday, as I did as a teenager.

You’ll likely note the little New Testament Bible…I was given that, I’m fairly sure, in Sunday School as a wee girl. I obviously was getting my adult teeth at the time, as it is riddled with bite marks. I had a bad habit of chewing on it during service. I do hope God forgives me for that little mistake. 🙂

And no, I’m not shoving religion down anyone’s throat here. Celebrate Christmas as you see fit, for me I am turning back to why it is celebrated as that is how I see it. I would never push my beliefs on anyone.

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