31 Days till Christmas

I awoke this morning crying. To know that we, KITTY AND SANTA were divinely appointed to bring hope and joy to the Tallahessee Florida Children of all ages. We are able to restore the belief in the hope that through it all we can truly have peace. Not only a physical peace but even more so an inner peace that will last a long time after this most important season is long over.

Why can’t this be the norm rather then the exception ?

Look we are hurling through space on a rock, life is far to short. We teach everybody the heart to heart hug. we let everyone know that their presence is our present. In this walk we are not alone hand in hand Kitty and I are making a difference in the lives of those we come in contact with here and around the world through the internet.

All we really want to do is create a conversation about walking toward a better life through action and deed lovely each other without race, color or creed.

Truly this is the greatest season of our life.

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