Santa’s Yule Log


Santa’s Yule Log    entry #3

11.20.2013 Tallahassee, Fl.

I found a great magazine here : TALLAHASSEE WOMAN, so I sent this email to them regarding Kitty Claus…

We are a unique couple entertaining children of all ages this Holiday Season at theBass Pro Shop in Tallahassee. It’s Kitty and Santa Claus. That’s right Kitty. She is a healer, “God Bless the crooked road that led me straight to her.” I met her 3 years ago and has changed my life through her words, understanding and compassion. I have lost 120 pounds. Her holistic approach to health and life has turned mine around. She believes in the divine female and passes this power on to every female, young and old she comes in contact with. We will be here til Christmas Eve. Our theme this year is, “YOUR PRESENCE IS OUR PRESENT.”

We have a huge presence on the internet as Kitty and Santa and our Facebook page Kitty and Santa is growing as a local exchange of info about this most important season. I’m going to attach some of our work we’ve been documenting here in Tallahassee. We think our story and the lives we are touching would make a contribution to what you are doing in Tallafassee Woman through her perspective.
Thank you for taking time to look at this submission


Santa’s Yule Log    entry #2

11.09.2013 Pearl, Mississippi

Tomorrow we begin a new chapter as, “Kitty and Santa“.  Kitty has done everything to prepare me for the next forty-three days. I look back to last year and how magical that time of holiday it was. Spending important time sharing loving, caring, moments with the child in everybody we came into contact with.

Santa’s Yule Log    entry #1


11.1.2013 Delights Hot Springs, Tecopa, Ca.

This is the most important time of the year. We come to the healing waters ofDeath Valley to prepare for our quest to touch as many Children, for that matter the child in all of us, with the Spirit of Christmas.

Santa understands now how important it is to take of your health. Because the best present you can give a loved one is the sercurity of knowing that your doing everything possible to spend as many seasons with them as possible.

Santa cares so much for the children that for many years he didn’t think of his own needs. He didn’t want to let any child down, so, every house that we went to he would eat the cookies and drink the milk.


He new if he didn’t get back to good health he wouldn’t be able to fill the wish of children all over the world. Santa changed the way he ate. I started eating allot of fruits and vegetables. I began to read the ingredients on packaging. Eating only fresh organic food grown locally, where ever we were, trying to make sure to find with non-gmo seeds.

Now Santa has lost 120 pounds. And I plan to be around along time ! HO, HO, HO!

SANTA 2013

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