Zia Tedesco Visits With Kitty and Santa

Santa and Zia Tedesco 2010

.http://www.kittyandsanta.com Zia Tedesco, 2 1/2 years old, desperately wants a big dollhouse and a little dollhouse, with 3 little babies and a mommy and daddy inside, and a choo choo train, loves Santa this year, says she is going to leave you a “big black cookie” and “2 carrots for the reindeer.” She has been a good girl all year, eats all of her food, is nice to her friends and mommy and daddy, and is trying to go potty and be a big girl. (Thank you, Santa!)

Zia’s Tedesco 3rd Christmas with Kitty and Santa 2011

http://www.kittyandsanta.com Zia and Lori Tedesco comfort joy abundance children Christmas youngloveafter50 kitty and santa claus @kittyandsanta #kittyandsanta

Zia Tedesco Sends a Video to Kitty and Santa 2013

http://www.kittyandsanta.com/ Blessings we sprinkle as we treasure the experience of each one, children of all ages. Remember what we forgot? Your Presence is our present…this little Light of mine, I’m gonna let It shine!

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