Toys for Tots in the AV



The U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program is proud to present The 5th Annual Toys for Tots Holiday 5K Run/Walk and Tots 1K Challenge event to the Antelope Valley. The races are scheduled on Lancaster Boulevard. We invite you to participate in an effort to promote and serve Toys for Tots mission and to build a positive annual holiday tradition for everyone in the community through this event.We look forward to seeing you on race day!

Christmas Stories: Rudolph’s Birthday


Auburn New York

I awoke to find our story about Rudolph’s Birthday has become #1 on Youtube.

You can download all the new Christmas stories @ Santa Claus and Santa’s Helpers reading a Christmas story from Santa’s collection of stories for Christmas.


Christmas Stories for Christmas Rudolph’s Birthday. Santa reading his Christmas Story Book Christmas Stories about Santa and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. A Wonderful Christmas Story online about Rudolph’s Birthday on December 1st. A Merry Christmas Video for children of all ages, Rudolph’s Birthday Celebration for Christmas.


LEGO has taken an interest in Kitty and Santa and the story of Rudolph’s Birthday they have attached their brand new video for this Christmas.


A LEGO® Holiday Story – Build a Chimney for  Santa


Santa’s Diary:41 Days Till Christmas


Auburn New York


The drizzle and cloudy sky layers the 32 degree chill outside our suite at the Finger Lakes Inn in upstate New York. 


As we began our sojourn from the Zen Den last Sunday, a phone call came in from Michigan. It was eight year old Karly who could hardly believe she was talking to Santa just forty four days before Christmas. She caught her breath and proceeded to tell Santa she wanted a Barbie Doll under her tree. Her mom (one of Santa’s elves) was on the call, too,  so Karly was left with assurance of her Christmas request being heard.


I have found over the years that when Santa asks a child what they want for Christmas, the parents lean in to make sure that no matter what, their special loved one gets the one gift she/he asked for from Santa in person, or the child will hear Santa say “I’ll see what I can do”, to keep the hope alive… and now Kitty and Santa fly off to Auburn, New York; touching down in Philadelphia, PA and Ithaca, New York.   Eager to explore not only one of the top 18 cities in America to raise a family, but to share the generosity of Christmas Spirit  we bring to warm the hearts of those we touch.  


Vicki, the gracious manager of the Inn we are staying for the next forty three days, shares with us the “only” place to get fresh veggies is at Wegman’s, whose motto is “everyday you get our best”, isn’t that the truth?  …. the old sage elf Rich Marta helped me understand about the consumption of food. He simply said,”Santa you are what you eat.” Wow, how simple is that? Kitty and Santa begin everyday with our raw greens and beets and banana and apple juice blended into a smoothie, Wegman’s has plenty of organics, YAY! right aound the corner….


We were collecting our supplies when we met Kellee (with two e’s), a clerk at the store. A delightful spirit, we told her we would be here in Auburn through Christmas bringing everybody joy at the Bass Pro Shop. She got so excited because her 19 year old son Brandon works in the camping department. We heard a couple of things that only Mom and Brandon and Kitty and Santa would know.  Can’t wait for that moment, we’ll get back to you on that.


Next, we ran into Jeannie, a healing spirit, who created a “free hugs” sign. On Memorial Day, she stood on the side of the street holding her sign, willing to receive whoever approached her.  Of course I had to give one of Santa’s world renowned “CUDDLY HUGS”. While she reported to Kitty, “He’s not going to let go of me until I let go of him.” She knows her hugs and told us about Pete Cramer (more to follow).  This is our first video when we arrived at Auburn’s Bass Pro Shop.